Wave Pools: The Future of Surfing?

The future is here! The dream of having a private wave in your own back garden is almost a reality. No paddle out, no waiting for sets, no battling with locals, no worries about the tide or wind and not a drop of water out of place?! It simply sounds like HEAVEN for any surfer!
Surfing wave pools have been popping up all over the world in recent years, and with Dion Agnis latest video of him ripping at a pool in the Middle East, they are certainly starting getting a lot of attention.
But do YOU think surfing loses its soul if it’s taken beyond the ocean? Is being out there in the elements, battling the howling winds, rip currents and the everlasting search for the next wave as essential to surfing as the actual ride itself? We are not sure…. but we wouldn’t mind practicing our cutbacks and front-side airs at a couple of these pools!
Dion Agius in the Middle East

Mick Fanning & Owen Wright in Spain

Volcom Groms in Tenerife

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