What does STEEZE mean?

What does STEEZE mean?

First time shredding a barrel on the slopes or catching some sweet pow waves? Need some sick mouth noise to prove your belonging to the locals, as you may have already noticed you’ve come to the right place.

Today we decided to look into STEEZE/STEEZY. What the hell does it even mean and where did this gnarly mountain slang come from? We headed off into the depths of the internet in search of answers and after a few pretty intense Google sessions, and we mean intense! We think we have managed narrowed it down to the following 2 options, one of which we are 95% sure is correct and the other, well it’s up to you to decide!
1 – STEEZE – The combination of two classic words ‘Style’ and ‘Ease’ pretty boring how it came about really, but it’s sure-as-hell fun to say and will make you sound ‘steezy as hell brah.’  Its already catching on!

2 – STEEZY – When Kayne smiles and then realises he should be frowning, ‘Man Kanye got caught out Steezing again’

Wondering how and when you can use your new favourite phrase? Don’t worry we have some examples to make sure you don’t look like an utter noob!
What shreddy bit of slang do you need educating on, let us know in the comments below!

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