Winter Warmers for Men

With the days getting shorter and the nights becoming colder, it’s this time of year that many people begin preparing for the dark, crisp winter months. Keeping warm and staying healthy is not always as easy as it may seem, especially with the sudden drop in temperatures and the cold becoming common place. The fact of the matter is you expect to be fighting the cold, braving the temperatures and increasing the layers.
No one likes diving into their cupboard only to find that their warmest clothes, find you looking, well, a bit worse for wear during the season’s chilliest days. To add insult to injury, waiting for the cold weather to peak and then panicking means impulse shopping is swiftly on the agenda. If, like me, you leave this until the last minute, it can often lead to some seriously regrettable purchases.
But fear not! This season we’ve learnt from our mistakes and rounded up our top picks to keep you looking suave whilst retaining your winter warmth. So delve into what we’re obsessing over right now and explore our top picks that are not only cool, easy to wear and durable, but crazy-stylish.

 The Shirt

Having wedged itself into the aesthetics of men throughout time, the shirt is a solid wardrobe staple. These winter warmers hold their success down to the simple fact that they can transition near effortlessly between smart and casual. Hows that for being a super versatile fashion item? From the thick cotton of urban subcultures to sharp silhouettes of the snappy dresser, there is a shirt out there for us all. Get involved with dashings of plaid, super soft quilted comfort and vintage colours topped off with contrasting accents.

vissla-flannel-shirts-vissla-banner-peak-flannel-shirt-vintage-green   patagonia-shirts-patagonia-fjord-flannel-long-sleeve-shirt-comstock-alpace-brownvolcom-flannel-shirts-volcom-echo-flannel-shirt-bricksurfdome-shirts-surfdome-tonniere-long-sleeve-jacket-shirt-grey

From left to right: Vissla Banner Peak Flannel Shirt, Patagonia Fjord Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt, Volcom Echo Flannel Shirt, Surfdome Tonniere Long Sleeve Jacket Shirt

 The Jumper

The United Kingdom has been unseasonably warm this Autumn and with the frosty weather looming over our heads, reaching for our trusted favourite ‘the jumper‘ seems like a great idea. Light enough to not weigh you down and warm enough to take the edge off of the chill. Better yet, if you can’t decide on either – you can always roll up your sleeves! This AW15 we’re backing healthy lashings of chunky knit, marled knit, the ever-cosy cable knit with its preppy feel and let’s not forget a cheeky bit of Christmasesque themed warmth.
wolf-york-jumpers-wolf-york-tryst-jumper-insignia-bluerhythm-jumpers-rhythm-blends-knit-jumper-navy-multi  wesc-jumpers-wesc-cabe-knitted-jumper-woodbine superdry-jumpers-superdry-copenhagen-crew-jumper-navy-red-cream

From Left to Right: Wolf & York Tryst Jumper, Rhythm Blends Knit Jumper, WeSC Cable Knitted Jumped, Superdry Copenhagen Crew Jumper

 The Boot

Want to know what’s popular this year?  Read on. The time has come to do away with those summer shoes and reach deep in your cupboard for your old faithful boots. For the fashion conscious male, this marks a window of opportunity to indulge in a brand-spanking new pair! Gone are the days of wearing boots solely (pun very much intended) for practical purposes, of course not forgetting this fundamental purpose, boots are now worn as a statement – complementing, enhancing and in some cases making the outfit. With a broad range of bold, bright, simple and extravagant styles to choose from, boots have never been so popular.
adidas-originals-boots-adidas-originals-chasker-boot-boots-core-black-core-black-clear-brown dc-boots-dc-peary-boots-camel-blacktimberland-boots-timberland-6-in-premium-ftb-boots-wheat-nubuck-warm-lined red-wing-boots-red-wing-6-inch-moc-boots-copper

From left to right: Adidas Original Chasker Boots, DC Peary Boots, Timberland 6" Premium Ftb Boots, Red Wing 6" Moc Boots

If you’re looking for something for that special lady in your life, or maybe just fancy a little giftspiration – head on over to our Winter Warmers for Women blog

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