World’s first ‘Greenest delivery’ initiative

World’s first ‘Greenest delivery’ initiative

Our new sustainable delivery scheme helps you help the planet

Here at Surfdome, we know our place in the bigger picture and are fully aware of the responsibilities we have. Each day and every day, we try to understand what levers we can pull to reduce carbon emissions. We do our best to influence our supply chain, and our customers, by developing things like the POW pledge with our charity partners Protect Our Winters (POW). Internally, we’ve reduced our direct emissions by 93% and are planting as many trees in the ground as we can.

This then leaves indirect emissions; the hardest to challenge. One of them being our freight – the emissions from delivery vehicles that pick up products and deliver to our highly valued and environmentally-conscious customers.

It soon became abundantly clear that our customers are after a little more than just speedy delivery. After some head scratching and serious number crunching, we created the world’s first ‘Greenest delivery’ initiative!

How it works:

What sets Surfdome’s ‘Greenest delivery’ option apart is that relative to the other options at checkout, it mathematically has the fewest carbon emissions per mile travelled, for a specific delivery, based on data obtained from publicly available data courtesy of the Carbon Disclosure Project. 

With research showing that more than 50% of customers are willing to wait longer for items when given environmental incentives (Greenbiz) and that over 43% of shoppers prefer online retailers offering sustainable checkout options (Retail Gazette), it is surprising to be labelling this as an industry first. 

What you’ll see:

Taking steps forward:

As shown, Royal Mail takes the top spot with the lowest reported CO2 emissions per parcel amongst major UK delivery companies. With the UK’s largest “Feet on the Street” network of over 85,000 postmen and women, three quarters of parcel deliveries are made purely by foot or through a park and loop method.

Royal Mail also has future ambitions of having a 100% alternatively fuelled fleet, with the roll out of electric vehicles and the trialling of micro electric vehicles – A future that really excites us over here at Surfdome.

Whilst the ‘Greenest delivery’ is not a fully-fledged zero carbon delivery option, it is a powerful tool that consumers have been demanding for a long time. So we listened. Providing you with a platform to make more informed decisions on sustainability past the point of purchase. A simple yet sizeable step in the right direction. 

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