Three of the Worst Wipeouts at Cloudbreak

Let’s not beat around the bush. You know it, we know it and the pro surfers know it. There’s no doubt we love to see our fellow wave riders get pitted & triumph out of the fun zone. But what our dark sides love even more is some full on, gruesome wipe-outs. Of course we don’t want to see anyone get hurt; we’re not a bunch of wipe-out psychopaths. But there’s something fascinating and humbling when Mr Big Blue decides not to play ball. It’s what makes this surfing lark exciting; you can go from hero to zero within a couple of waves.
So to follow up the heroes of the “Three of the Best Waves Surfed at Cloudbreak” post. We now bring you some Cloudbreak zeros in the lead up to the #FijiPro.
1. Going down?

Big wave hard-man Laurie Towner has no qualms admitting this one scared him sh*tless. There’s a very thin line when it comes to making a wave with such immense power.
Board selection, positioning and bundles of other factors come into play that can make or break a surfer in such conditions.
2. A trip to Davy Jones’s locker

Even the most experienced watermen like Garrett McNamara still get their fair share of beatings. It proves you’ve got to have an acquired taste for salt water to become a big wave surfer like these guys.
3. Close but no cigar

You’ve paddled at max power, made the drop, set your line; the hard part is done. All that’s left to do is drive through tube and claim your victory. But as Kohl Christensen demonstrates here, this is easier said than done.
What have we learned here today kids? We’re not sure either, but at least it was fun watching loads of clips of Cloudbreak on YouTube.
The women’s waiting period starts this Sunday, whilst the men have to be patient and wait another week. Cloudbreak beyond doubt is one of the best waves in the world and that’s why this event is a special one. Make sure you watch all the highlights and lowlights live with the ASP here.

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