Wow Marie – You Were Sensational

Wow Marie – You Were Sensational

There are many situations where we as surfers look deranged, and this is one of them. When the weather man drops the “H” word the appropriate response would be one with caution. You’d call old aunty Ethel to advise her to skip bingo this evening and then go take your washing off the line.
But if you’re one of us (a wave hungry junkie), you’d be fist pumping the air furiously and expelling excitable squeals as you leer over the surf forecast from your computer. Hurricanes can bring a surfer a wave of a lifetime and here’s the evidence from Hurricane Marie in Cali to prove it.
We just hope Marie can hook us up with one of her sisters in the Atlantic in the not so distance future!
Laird Hamilton – Pier Shooting Lad

Unknown surfer on the wave of his life!

JOB – Board Transfer Lad

The Wedge from Above

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