Xceptional – The X Games return to Aspen for 2013

Xceptional – The X Games return to Aspen for 2013

X Games 2013

The world renowned slopes of Aspen, Colorado welcome back the X Games for the 12th consecutive year. Buttermilk Mountain may sound like something out of a nursery rhyme, but for over a decade it’s seen the very best shreds and somersaults from the world’s finest snow athletes.
The event will feature Superpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air comps for ski and snowboard as well as mechanical hi-jinx from snowmobiles on the final day.

X Games Ski

As usual, an incredible amount of eyes will be on Shaun White who brings his formidable skills to the Superpipe and Slopestyle. The latter becomes an Olympic event next year in Sochi, Russia. Alongside X Games glory, it will be a good indication of who White could well be battling for gold with in 2014.

Shaun White

Nothing captures X Games action quite like a Go Pro so take a look at some highlights from last year, get ready for some more spectacular action, and enjoy.

All photographs courtesy of ESPN.

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