Your kids are cooler than you, thanks to the Nintendo x Vans collection!

Most of us grew up happily button bashing our hours away to some of time’s most honoured games. From Donkey Kong to Super Mario (and all the Yoshi based games in between). But now, it’s time to vicariously relive those days of blissful unadulterated joy through your children, siblings, and relatives (bonus points for super cool aunts & uncles).
Footwear giants Vans have collaborated with console geniuses Nintendo to bring you what can only be described as pure nostalgic joy! So whether you chose to wield the master sword like Link, or jump atop goombas as everyone’s favourite Italian plumber (No, not Fabio from down the road) there’s a shoe to help your kids do the same!

Nintendo   Nintendo

left to right: Vans x Nintendo - Super Mario Bros, Vans x Nintendo - Yoshi

For those who aren’t keen on a little Mario and Yoshi action (there’s Kirby in there too) and/or slip on’s – we’ve got some lace-up versions for those little gaming gems that not only beat you day-in-day-out but also nail doing their own laces!


Left to Right: Vans x Nintendo - Princess Peach, Vans x Nintendo - Mario & Luigi

P.S. For those looking for bigger sizes, click on the image below! We’ve got a bit more for you to feast your retro eyes on. GAME OVER!


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