Your Surf Weekend Run Down from Surfing GB #42

Your Surf Weekend Run Down from Surfing GB #42

Surfing GB

Your weekend run down from Surfing GB

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 Surfing GB Surf Forecast

Atlantic swell report:

Considering it’s August, there are a few waves around this weekend, nothing epic, but enough to get in and get wet! The small sized swell drops as the weekend progresses and the wind is mid-to-light and variable. Pick your spot and tide and you’ll have fun!

Channel coast swell report:

It’s looking pretty flat, but the winds are pretty light on Sunday, so get some distance in on your SUP.

North Sea swell report:

The NE coast is looking pretty calm this weekend, but again the winds are light on Sunday, so get out for Coastal cruise on the SUP!

Our pick for a surf anywhere in the world this weekend:

The southern pacific is lighting up this weekend – remember that time Billabong and Andy Irons flew around remote pacific islands in a sea plane looing for new spots? Well, I think after our weekend in Tahiti last weekend we’d be on a new spot flying mission!


What’s on this weekend:

The Brit surfing scene is taking the bank holiday off. But, before the super hectic weekend Brit Interclubs, World Belly boarding champs and Museum of British Surfing collectors meet.

Surfing GB Pick of the Week

Product Review:

It’s that time of year when you can spot a ‘Kook’ a mile off, particularly on the road. Boards on the roof with the rocker pointing up, sticking out of the sunroof, tied on with rope…don’t do it! Get a descent set of soft racks and learn how to secure your boards properly!


FCS Single Soft Roof Rack, £41.99

Surfing GB Bonus Bits


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This week’s UK surf video:

It’s the Brit Inter clubs next weekend: the years most fun surfing event. There’s plenty of time to get a team in!

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