Surfdome Meets: Zeaglass founders Becky and Stevi

Zeaglass is the latest brand to hit the Surfdome shelves; offering beautiful handmade jewellery, not only are the delicate pieces from this brand seriously dreamy, but they’re also eco-friendly. Crafted from recycled silver and coloured glass salvaged from local Cornish beaches, the collection includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets which are all designed around each piece of seaglass. Each piece is handmade and 100% sustainable, meaning that when you wear your Zeaglass jewels, you’ll be wearing something that’s entirely unique and positive for the environment. Whatever your style, you really can embrace your inner boho-chic, channel the energy of the ocean and own a unique piece of the sea in the form of Zeaglass. Who would have thought wave-tumbled glass thrown onto the shore of a Cornish beach could be transformed into something so beautiful?
We almost can’t believe it ourselves, which is why we had a chat with Zeaglass founders Becky and Stevi to get the lowdown on the story behind the brand, find out a little more about the designers themselves and the importance of creating sustainable jewellery.

Out to Zea
What’s the concept behind the brand?
Born out of a love for the ocean and for our environment, Zeaglass Jewellery started in Polzeath, Cornwall, inspired by a beach clean. We collect wave-tumbled seaglass on Cornish beaches and combine it with recycled and sterling silver to make unique and beautiful jewellery. Each product is one of a kind and designed around each seaglass gem so there is something to suit all, and is a direct result of caring for our beaches. The jewellery is named after areas around the home of Zeaglass and things that remind us of the beauty of Cornwall.
What inspired you to create Zeaglass?
Inspired by the #2minutebeachclean we started litter picking the beaches around Cornwall and, as a result, found ocean tumbled glass that had been softened and frosted by the rolling seas. Stevi, having studied jewellery design at university, was inspired to use these gems to produce an eco-friendly, recycled product that would not only help the plight to reduce ocean littering but also allow people to keep a piece of Cornwall, whether they live here or not. Together with Becky; whose creative business mind, entrepreneurial skills and love for seaglass drove Zeaglass from the ideas stage to a reality, and so the brand began. 
We started hand-making and designing jewellery that could be cherished by lovers of the ocean. Under the umbrella of Zeathgirls, a group of creative, surf-loving ladies in Polzeath, they developed a brand that can inspire, encourage and “reclaim, reuse and recycle”.
Who is the Zeaglass girl/woman you design for?
Beachy girls who love the outdoors and the sea, and aspire to buy ethically!
What inspired you to create a product with a sustainability focus?
With the increasing threat to our coastlines we couldn’t help but make sustainability a key part of our products. We have both always had an interest in Jewellery but never knew the impact the jewellery industry had on the planet. We heard a talk from Greg Valerio who started up fair trade Gold and it made us realise the impact that the jewellery  we love has on our planet and the people that make it, that mixed with our love for nature and creativity inspired us to start our own jewellery company that fitted with what we felt like the mass market needed. 
Why do you feel sustainability is such a key part of the product design process? Why do you feel sustainability should be key in the design process across the mass market?
By promoting a sustainable product we are hoping to encourage people to buy from independent local suppliers.

Our top Zeaglass picks:


Daymer Necklace_Close

Zeaglass Daymer necklace in white


Pentire Bracelet - Green

Zeaglass Pentire bracelet in green



Zeaglass Fish Hook earrings in white

A little more about Becky & Stevi…

Zeaglass Beth Druce 01

Stevi (left) and Becky (right) create beautiful eco-friendly jewellery using treasures salvaged from their local beaches in Cornwall.


Day job? Farm Animal Vet
Age? 29
Born and bred? Maidenhead, Berkshire
Best thing about living in cornwall? Living in Cornwall for the last 5 years, I have a great work life balance and I feel so lucky to be able to start and end my day by or in the sea. 
Top 3 sustainable ethics you work into everyday life?

  1. Up-cycling furniture
  2. Using reusable water bottles
  3. Beach cleaning during walks with my dog


Day job? Graphic Designer/Photographer
Age? 31
Born and bred? Devon/Cornwall
Best thing about living in cornwall?
The life style; surfing, living in a beautiful place, and living amongst like minded people. Our community here has the same ethics and there are so many creatives all in the same boat, and all looking out for each other and encouraging each other.
Top 3 sustainable ethics you work into everyday life?

  1. To be joyful, have a sense of humour, and be thankful for what you have
  2. Use a tin water bottle instead of plastic water bottle, using canvas bags instead of plastic bags, and a ceramic cup instead of a takeaway cup
  3. Life a life that is honouring to others and the next generation, leave a legacy of love. (Yes, we are actually great big hippies.)

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Zeaglass 2

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