Etnies Kingpin Schuhe


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  • EUR 37 / UK 4 4101000091-003 CHF68.00


  • EUR 37.5 / UK 4.5 4101000091-003 CHF68.00


  • EUR 38 / UK 5 4101000091-003 CHF68.00


  • EUR 38.5 / UK 5.5 4101000091-003 CHF68.00


  • EUR 39 / UK 6 4101000091-003 CHF68.00


  • EUR 40 / UK 6.5 4101000091-003 CHF68.00


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Produkt-Code: 8482

Material - Upper Nubukleder
Shoe Style Skate-Schuhe


Europäische Schuhgröße GB Schuhgröße Japanische Schuhgröße US Schuhgröße (Männer / Kinder / Uni)
EUR 37 UK 4 JP 23 US 5
EUR 37.5 UK 4.5 JP 23.5 US 5.5
EUR 38 UK 5 JP 24 US 6
EUR 38.5 UK 5.5 JP 24.5 US 6.5
EUR 39 UK 6 JP 25 US 7
EUR 40 UK 6.5 JP 25.5 US 7.5
EUR 41 UK 7 JP 26 US 8
EUR 41.5 UK 7.5 JP 26.5 US 8.5
EUR 42 UK 8 JP 27 US 9
EUR 42.5 UK 8.5 JP 27.5 US 9.5
EUR 43 UK 9 JP 28 US 10
EUR 44 UK 9.5 JP 28.5 US 10.5
EUR 45 UK 10 JP 29 US 11
EUR 45.5 UK 10.5 JP 29.5 US 11.5
EUR 46 UK 11 JP 30 US 12
EUR 46.5 UK 11.5 JP 30.5 US 12.5
EUR 47 UK 12 JP 31 US 13
EUR 48 UK 13 JP 32.5 US 14
EUR 49 UK 14 JP 33 US 15


Nice Etnies shoe great fit and great looks. Fast delivery good shop to deal with

Really good shoes been buying these for years nice and simple good if you have flat feet like me

If you're on a tight budget but don't want to change your taste of footwear then these are great for the job. Sturdy, spacious and comfortable the Kingpin has it all. No fancy designs for aesthetic purposes but simple and functional for all occasions except formal...I've tried.

Stealth styling, quality materials and comfortable fit.

I bought these for my son for Christmas, he always wears these shoes and loves them. My son is very fussy about his shoes so I know they must be good.

This is actually my second pair I have bought as they are just so comfy! I'm not skating too much these days but still love the fit of these. Awesome service from Surfdome too, fast delivery and best prices!

Excellent product, etnies kingpin is my favourite shoe model. I recommend this to anyone who likes this kind of shoes. Very smooth even from the first days. The delivery was on time and the package was very well wrapped.

Bought these to wear when working events for work. They are super comfy and look smart under trousers...better than normal trainers

Super comfortable, hardcore black out for Yoda ninja moves. Etnies must continue making these for a long long time... Yoda longevity is legend.

I own two pairs of these shoes. The first pair got 'modded' by the dog and are now slippers. The new pair are my daily shoes. Very comfortable and grip to a skateboard well. Nice one Etnies for keeping a skate shoe a skateable shoe!

After searching around online for a new pair of skate Trainers that fit the wider than average foot, I was pleased to find a pair of all black , roomy trainers that didn't try to reshape my feet. These king Pins rock. I tried dc's, vans and Nike but all crushed my feet, and thats size 11! I've been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and my feet are so happy.

I have been buys the exact same pair of etnies kingpins for many years . I buy 2 pairs a year and even wear them to work in a media firm in central London . I always look to surf dome first with their awesome prices

These shoes are very comfortable. They fit very well and I have not needed to 'break them in' at all. Overall excellent quality product , at a fair price.

Great staple for dressing up or down! Fine for getting into clubs and really comfy too. I have quite big feet and these don't make my feet look too long like some shoes can.

Usually buy DCs. These seem well made, comfortable and looks like any scuffs won't show up. Only criticism is they feel a bit on the heavy side.

this shoes are very good and I like surfdome store. of course future are better that customers know one day early this when and what time staff come.

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