Vans Spicoli 4 Sonnenbrille


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Produkt-Code: 35213

Sunglass Styles Mode-Sonnenbrillen


Größe (Unisex)


Love love love them!!!!! Fab value very cool! Speedy delivery!

Site very professional! Loved the glasses. I will recommend!

They are very strong and sturdy, and I think that they will last a long time. I think that they are also very cool and look really good when I wear them.

These shades aren't just a fine pair of sunnies.. They actually block out those nasty UV Rays that inhibit my abillity to see the true light and all evil that congregates at my local skate establishment. I have a gift that enables me to see the true person and not just the front they put on. These Vans sunnies bring my powerful gift to an even higher level thanks to their dark tint and rude boy styling. Overall I'm happy to report that I enjoy guarding my eyeballs with theses beauties. In the words of a famous daytime TV celebrity, these are the real deal and cheap as chips!

Cracking pair of sunnies they make me look cooler than I did before

Brilliant sunglasses just what I need, cheap and work great

Great sunnies, although I wish the Vans log was on both arms (it's only on one). Other than that, great pair of sunnies.

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