Women's Wetsuits

Women's wetsuits are designed specifically for us females whether you're surfing, diving, paddleboarding or swimming. Our range of neoprene ladies' wetsuits provide a comfortable fit for flexibility and ease of movement. All of our women's wetsuits are available to buy online and are constructed from the highest quality materials with various levels of thickness to perform in different water temperatures. For example, a thickness of 3/2mm means the suit is 3mm thick in the chest and core of the body to ensure heat is retained in vital areas. The 2mm neoprene is found in the arms and paddle areas for better flexibility which is ideal for summer surfing. The colder the water, the thicker the wetsuit needs to be. Shorties are perfect for warm water and hot weather. Therefore it really is down to the water and weather conditions, plus personal preference, to decide which of our women's wetsuits is right for you.

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