Hurley Advantage Max 5/4mm Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit


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  • Men's Hurley wetsuit
  • Thickness: 5/3mm
  • Neoprene: 100% Exoflex V2 stretch material neoprene for ample flexibility
  • Chest zip-entry: Watertight, easy to get on and off and offers great freedom of movement with no reduction in flex across the back panel
  • Lining: The Thermo Light V2 lining is lightweight and maintains warmth using reflective insulating infrared technology
  • Seam construction: Double-glued and blind stitched with durable Power Seam tape over each seam to eliminate any water entry via the seams
  • Anatomical seam placement: Back and chest panels are designed with non-intrusive seam placements to avoid any weak points and reduce any restrictions with flexibility
  • Knee pads: Created with a lightweight, resistant jersey adding protection to your knees and the suit without losing freedom of movement
  • Moulded paddle assist: Panels located on the forearms are designed with ribbed channels to aid paddle propulsion through the water
  • Attached hood: The brimmed hood adds superior warmth and protection to the head and neck from cold water conditions
  • Branding: A sleek all-black design with striped detailing on right thigh, a subtle Hurley logo is on the left thigh, left side chest and upper back area
  • Liquid tape cuff seals help to eliminate any water flush through the cuffs when paddling, duck diving or wiping-out
  • External key pocket placed on the lower left leg
  • Water Temp Guide: Suitable in 8C - 9C (47F - 49F)

The Hurley Advantage Max 5/3mm Hooded Fullsuit perfectly combines thicker 5mm neoprene on the trunk whilst maintaining impressive flexibility throughout to make it a great option for surfing in the often harsh conditions that accompany cold water surfing.

This suit features Thermo Light V2 heat-reflective technology that generates warmth on the go by reflecting your existing body heat to create maximum warmth its the equivalent of adding another mm to your suit! The reflective lining uses infrared radiation to draw heat back towards the body and reduces the emittance of warmth out into the outside cooler environment e.g. the air or the sea. Quite simply, more warm air is kept in and less heat is let out.

The chest zip-entry not only allows a full range of movement across the back panel (zips arent flexible and a back zip will reduce the movement of the neoprene), but it also means less water will be flushed through the suit when duck-diving or bailing.

The ergonomic seam placements are designed to allow a full range of movement and will make the suit feel like a second skin. Minimising the seams means increased flexibility. The seams that do exist are glued and blindstitched then covered on the inside of the suit with stretchy Power Seam tape to reduce water flushing whilst sustaining freedom of movement.

The attached hood provides additional warmth and protection to your head and neck against cold water and wind chill. The added brim will block the sun and channel water away from the eyes.

Material Neoprene
Material Nylon
Wetsuit Closure Chest Zip
Wetsuit Type Winter Wetsuits
Wetsuit Type Hooded

Product Sizing Chart

Size (Unisex) Height (Inch)
X Small 64 - 66 inch
Small 67 - 68 inch
Medium Short 66 - 68 inch
Medium 68 - 70 inch
Medium Tall 72 - 75 inch
Large Short 66 - 69 inch
Large 70 - 72 inch
Large Long 74 - 76 inch
Large Tall 74 - 76 inch
X Large 70 - 74 inch

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