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  • Can technology save our beaches?

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    The #2MinuteBeachClean global movement is adopting phone app technology in the fight against marine debris, we at Surfdome have been super proud to support the development and you can also help man the fight by searching ‘Beachclean’ in your app store! If you have been anywhere near the coast or beach recently you will know […]

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  • Is adventure possible to have sustainably?

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    Surfdome are joining the panel at Adventure Uncovered for their first live event on the 30th of October in London. Adventure uncovered‘s mission is to promote remarkable, responsible journeys that accelerate social and environmental awareness and change. In essence – Get out there, enjoy it, protect it! This mission resonated deeply with us here at Surfdome, […]

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  • Made Clean – Afends


    The production of the clothes we wear are responsible for one of the largest contributions of pesticide use, with cotton accounting for around 25%. Chemicals are sprayed on crops such as cotton to help maintain a good yield and quantity of growth, but it’s these very chemicals that wreak havoc in the natural world, with […]

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  • Passenger meets The Plastic Project


    Passenger meets The Plastic Project We’re all disgusted by the marine plastic on our beaches, including the brands here at Surfdome. Inspired by The Plastic Project, the awesome Passenger Clothing are stripping away single-use plastic from their operations; that’s the equivalent of around 46,000 plastic bottles! Undoubtedly a bold and strong stance for this cool brand, known for […]