Bouncing: Curren Caples – Land, Sea and Plenty of Airs

Spawned from the sea and a love of boards came surfing’s slightly disfigured cousin – skateboarding. For most of the early skaters, it was a way to transition from flat surf to concrete cruise.

“It’s funny, as a kid I grew up surfing and skating,” -Curren Caples

However, as both sports progressed the formation of two separate tribes developed. Despite affinities that were innately connected, somewhere along the line the two tribes went their separate ways. Rivalries were built, comparisons were rife and the slating of one sport by other was common place. However, this dystopian segregation is slowly becoming a thing of the past. With the newer generations happily finding solace in both sports, a renaissance of skate and surf has returned – and from it, come some of the most progressive athletes we’ve ever seen.


Curren Caples, everyone’s favourite transition skating, blonde hair toting shredder is a prime example. Why, you ask? Well “People say I kind of a have surf style when I skate,” he says. “But I don’t really try to skate a certain way, it’s just how I do it.” Throw him on a surfboard and the kid will smash his way around, with more aerials than you can shake a fin at, it’s apparent that both his styles have combined to bring him steeze across-the-board.

“I have more fun surfing,” – Curren Caples

Skating’s rad, but it feels like more of my job. I just surf for fun, I’d prefer to surf than skate. It’s cool though, surfing you just go with it and have to make use of whatever the wave presents to you. Skating, you end up battling tricks. You don’t get that as much in surfing. I guess you kind of have to battle the wave, or you can have a bad session. But there’s so much more pressure on skating. Surfing’s a good way to get away from it and have fun.


Curren’s a beast and believe us when we say, it’s refreshing. With an eye for detail and a love of shaping his own surfsticks – the dedication is real. He’s also one of the most polite dudes you’ll ever meet. His love of his practices is the zen mentality we’ve needed and it’s doing wonders for surf-skate relations. Delve into this connection as we explore Caples’ skills on-and-off land. Curb your expectations, open your mind and be at one with these two interlocked sports as we explore Bouncing, with Curren Caples.

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