Can a Box Change the World?

Introducing Our New Packaging

We’d like to think that a box, along with a few of its mates,  can change the world. We would like to present to you the future and introduce our new packaging…

New box 6

So why is this newsworthy, it’s only a box, right? Well yes, but its all about how it came to be and where it’s heading that counts. Because these boxes will soon phase out our plastic mailing bags. Still not convinced? Then take a peek at this video:

So what will this new box do?

Actually, what’s more important is what it won’t do. It won’t exist in the environment for hundred of years, attracting toxins and then make the land or water its dumped in dangerously toxic.  If an animal decides it looks like food, it’s unlikely to cause them too much harm (plastic would!) and it is not going to wrap its self around the neck of a bird or seal.

The benefits are far more rewarding, for example the cardboard is 100% recycled, so we’re already reusing some waste which is super resourceful.  This cardboard is also recyclable as is the non-plastic sticky tape so it can be made into another box and if thrown away it will simply biodegrade leaving no components behind.

Why is this so important?

Because plastic is absolutely wrecking the place! That very same plastic can exist in the environment for thousands of years. In that time it turns everything around it toxic, it kills wildlife by being digested or entanglement. It actually stops new life from forming by coating seabed’s and soil, preventing sunlight and nutrients getting to places where new life would grow.

We really like the Oceans, mountains and the outdoors, so for us it’s not great to know the effect plastic is having on our favourite places! What’s even more shocking is that it’s highly likely that there is plastic in you, right now! Plastic has entered into the food chain, we have to refuse plastic from here on in!

New boxes

"Every year people produce as much plastic as the entire weight of the human population, only 10% of that gets recycled!"

We’re testing solutions to phase out our plastic mailing bags, we are switching out plastic tape for gum tape and we now use recycled paper for our padding in 90% of situations.

Once this takes full effect and we have phased out the nasty plastic stuff, we will have eliminated nearly 19 tonnes of plastic annually (We already recycle 100% of all plastic sent to us)

"We’re on a mission here at Surfdome, we’re cutting plastic left right and centre. Sure, we’re not going to change overnight, it's a voyage and we have set sail!"

Ok, so this one box might not change the world today, but step by step we are making a difference, which could mean this little box has started something big … so yea, it may well help change the world!




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