Made Clean – Afends

The production of the clothes we wear are responsible for one of the largest contributions of pesticide use, with cotton accounting for around 25%.


Chemicals are sprayed on crops such as cotton to help maintain a good yield and quantity of growth, but it’s these very chemicals that wreak havoc in the natural world, with pesticides indiscriminately killing everything in their path. We’ve all heard of the bee’s dying out, well, the finger is firmly being pointed at the pesticides we use.


Their path of destruction doesn’t stop there; they kill a wide range of organisms needed to boost the productivity of the land. Ironically, they’re killing our farms.

Want more? Well, the potential run-off of pesticides to the ocean are likely to be killing our reefs, so yes surf breaks could well be affected.


As for human health, it’s track record isn’t much better, with pesticides having been linked to a wide range of health issues, from short-term impacts like headaches and nausea to chronic issues, including cancer and reproductive harm.

Why hemp? Much more than the stereotype associated with backpacking adventures of days gone by, hemp is a wonder product with an arsenal of benefits.

For a start, it doesn’t require pesticides or chemicals to grow, unlike (non-organic) cotton. This is a massive plus for the environment and humans alike.

Hemp requires far less water to grow – around half as much than cotton – which is another win for the environment. Irrigation or even transporting water for growing crops can be damaging to the environment. Less requirement for water means less environmental damage and more water for everything else.

By choosing hemp, Afends are taking a conscious and considered approach to use a safer material for us and our planet.

Afends is setting the landscape for future textile choices. Let’s help support them in doing so. Check out the range here.

Watch ‘The Afends Hemp Revolution – Feature Film’ here: