Passenger meets The Plastic Project

Passenger meets The Plastic Project

We’re all disgusted by the marine plastic on our beaches, including the brands here at Surfdome. Inspired by The Plastic Project, the awesome Passenger Clothing are stripping away single-use plastic from their operations; that’s the equivalent of around 46,000 plastic bottles! Undoubtedly a bold and strong stance for this cool brand, known for standing up for ‘Waves and Trees’.


Passenger is a brand for the wanderers and the travelers who have an appreciation for the velvet fog on impossibly still mountain lakes, the elegant flow of cities far from home, Pacific Northwest storms of impossible magnitude and the bright pink glow of a sunset on pristine black granite…

This blissful ideal is rudely interrupted by the swathes of plastic and refuse found in unimaginable places; a stark reminder that not everyone appreciates the beauty of our natural environment.

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Travelling, of course, presents the unexpected.

Tim Nunn was hit by the expected on his many journeys of surf adventure travelling, supported by Passenger. Over the last 20 years, Tim has witnessed the steady and accelerating pace that plastic is accumulating on the remote, dramatic and sublime coastlines he visits. This very acceleration drove him to tell the world what he was seeing through The Plastic Project.

As a supporter of Tim’s work, Passenger have been caught up in The Plastic Project’s journey, inspired not only to support him in getting the message out there, but to also play their part in the solution through their own operations.


How? From the 5th of April, Passenger will have removed 70% of the plastic from their operations; that equates to a staggering 1 tonne in the first year alone. But that’s just the start of it; they plan to eliminate nearly 6 tonnes over the next 3 years!

 This kind of action can’t come soon enough for our beaches and oceans with a rubbish truck full of plastic finding its way into the deep blue every minute of every day. For this reason, we urge you all to support sustainable brands where you can.

Check out the Passenger’s range here.


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